Amy Jeanette Farley, born Ingram, 49 years ago.  Homemaking and substitute teaching in Loudoun County, Virginia.  Worshiping at Church of the Holy Spirit Anglican in Leesburg.  Former resident of Maryland, past states include Maine and Pennsylvania.  Mom of 3, hence the screen name.  Love God in three persons, my ever-loving, blog suspicious hubby, Steve.  The three Mz whose lives are quickly becoming their own.

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7 thoughts on “About Author

  1. I am impressed with the pumpkin baking. I can cook up the seeds but have no clue about the rest. I have never been a baker and then living at 6800ft I’m sure doesn’t help either. So I have been on my email, facebook, and now blog land all in one evening. It is a first and quite possibly a last. Time is quite precious when your quiver is so full and you are a slow typist. Did I mention I also go to bed rather early.

    Goodnight, Susan

  2. OK, so I don’t read blogs. Ever. I’m with Steve, who I have never met, I have heard about from you over the years, and agree with his take on blogs. My wife, Suzanne (yes, it’s true) reads them all the time. Facebook. Mothering (yes, two girls – me!). People with great stories. Conservative politics. And everything American Idol. I came here after seeing your update in the Alumni Magazine. I read about your son, Max and just thought in terms of my own girls (Caroline – almost 3, and Sally 4 months this Friday) and was amazed. Then I read Love Always to Love Anyway and just smiled to myself at your insight. That being said, I hope all is well with you and the family and I am glad I stopped by!

    1. Hi Chris!!! So glad you found Suzanne and are blessed with little girls, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to check in from time to time. We’ve recently moved to Sterling, Virginia to a home we love and have found a church to plug into right away. God is gracious and all is well. Blessings.

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