The oldest has a bad case of sophomore slump, or did when he came home for a short break around Easter.  His friend made a movie that used M’s music which won an award and seems to have perked him up.

Interesting that this theme of finding one’s way is a recurring one that I think of for the phase they are going through.  As he left for freshman year I played Andrew Peterson’s “You’ll Find Your Way” on repeat until I felt obligated to buy it (and the whole album).

This phase of their lives is so open that it can be hard to see where you’re going from where you are.  I often listen to the music he made in high school and then what he has made since and find great joy in the fruit of his efforts.  Growth takes time.  So does finding your way.  The investment in a foundation of solid learning is the foundation we are committed to providing.  What he and God do with it is his to find.

Investing in a future not mine to control, like so much of our lives, wasn’t in the writing on parenting.  So we balance our desire for a firm foundation with his to fly high and pray for God to hold it all.

Blessings as you journey on for light to your path.  And a good week of finals!



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