I admit to rarely being excited by free offers or coupons, generally wondering, “What’s the catch?”   Yet, in the case of The Virginia Tea Company’s gracious offer on their Facebook page to bloggers interested in writing reviews I couldn’t see a down side.  I need a reason to sit down and write; for which a cup of tea is always reliable and a cup of free tea is perfect.

Four beautiful containers arrived together in the package at my front door.  Each contains loose leaf tea, specified in detail on the label, a set of tea bags, a wooden tea spoon and a small tea strainer.  I’ll admit to being a bit overwhelmed.  I received other loose leaf tea as a Christmas gift from the darlings and it only recently ran out but I was obviously lacking some tea making skills.

When I signed up they promptly sent a message asking my preference for herbal or caffeinated tea.  I replied that I usually drink herbal tea warm and make sweet iced tea from the black tea I’ve bought at the Giant. I received three organic, locally sourced, herbal teas and one caffeinated tea from a fair trade farms. 

At first I was concerned that each box comes with 8 bags, a spoon and strainer, however, after the first sip of a light amber “Immunity” with ingredients listed as ginger, cinnamon, Echinacea, elderberries and eleuthero root* all grown to organic standards, I was calculating the odds that I could give away the container without anyone noticing that I’d tried some.

Here is where I confess that that plan will not work as I should have readily admitted to being a simple coffee drinker.  Somewhat bewildered by the various steeping options I chose none of the above and instead used my wonderful straining tea cup not the pouches or the strainer.  Turns out I have an infuser cup and some of the tea was in the cup. In an effort to strain it I poured quite a bit of liquid on the counter and floor.  The dry tea is in a wax paper type of pouch and seems unharmed.  Sadly, the container label smeared when I picked it up with wet hands.  Small price to pay, I know, but some days one more thing is too much.  The purists are scandalized, but unsurprised, by the fumbling of an American making tea; in any case, the tea that survived is delicious. 

I did follow the instructions and used only one teaspoon full.  I’m very glad as I’ll be having another cup as soon as I stop typing!

You can find this lovely company and their wonderful tea at VirginiaTeaCompany.com.  Please do!


*Also known as Siberian ginseng.

P.S., Good morning! Providentially, my computer ran out of power while I was scrambling to clean up the tea, make dinner, and watch the latest magic trick.  Graciously, MSWord saved the document and I can tell you that the Earl Grey, even warm, is an enjoyable morning companion.  It is flavored with bergamot, 97% organic, and did steep equally well 3 times from one post (bag) as promised on the label.  I did boil the water again for the third cup having recently read an Englishman’s lament over tepid water served with a tea bag as considered NOT tea.  I did use Gram’s china cup so it looked as good as it tasted! 



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