Down by the river.
Along the river.

“If He was calling me to Middle school, He would have made the conditions better.”  My youngest whispered to me recently in a Sunday’s service in objection to my whisper to him that God had indeed called him to this “jail” for a time.  It voices my son’s objections, and often, mine.

I object to lesser conditions.  Yet, my life conditions are better than most.  I am blessed.

What is the remedy for such thinking?  To overcome the fear of, or outright rejection of, lesser conditions.  Bible reading seems a good way start.  Recalling that the Lord often calls those He loves through hard circumstances.  And of course, following Jesus, whose own earthly footsteps lead to the cross.  Though they did not end there ultimately, He endured hanging naked and bloody in public and yet I complain about the traffic?  Weather?  Candidates?  Hmm.

In the end we will have eternally delightful conditions.  That is the promise.  God is a faithful, promise keeping God.  We can trust Him to deliver us safely to our eternal home.  We can be assured also that He is with us and that our path in this world will lead us through the valley of the shadow.  We are not yet home.  So as you journey may you find refuge in the sanctuaries with His people and of His Presence.



2 thoughts on “The Right Conditions

  1. Well said, Amy! I needed to read this this morning as I went to bed last night struggling with how I’m going to get through the rearing of my oldest son! Thank you, friend.

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