We enjoy puzzles here. At least the oldest and myself. The others are good sports about participating some in an non-preferred activity. The Senior Engineer is a patterns guy. He likes to get down to the part where there are shapes to fill and sort by. A good gift when there are only solid or same colors left. Friends of the girl can entice her to spend a little time. I finished the 1000 pieces many weeks past Christmas, for which it was a present, and began the next. It is out on the dining room table. There is a break for Spring and Easter this week so I have high hopes for getting it done.

1kpuzzlePuzzles are non-competitive, non-electronic activity, thus hard to convince some of their appeal. So what is it? There are memories of my grandparents who left out a puzzle on a folding table with seemingly no sense of urgency in completion. They just noticed it as they walked through their house and put in another piece at a time. They sat and talked around it some.

This year was extra stressful after Christmas, perhaps a growth spurt had set off another round of authority conflict for the youngest at school and at home. Particularly with me. Yet he would sit at the puzzle as calmly as anywhere. It carries little to no anxiety, unless the last piece is missing. That’s happened twice. Once I found it, once I didn’t.

As I sat each night finding the likenesses and differences in tiny pieces that would fit together despite seemingly no connection it occurred to me that the comfort of knowing the frame work and the picture that would come, as it is printed on the box was calming. There are things in life that none of us will solve, illness, disease, death, how others respond around us but there is a frame work. There is truth.

For those who believe, the framework is given. We put together the edge pieces of our own lives that instead of the nice smooth side have ridges that allow our smaller puzzle to fit together with the larger picture of the plans the Lord has to love the world though the life, death and resurrection of His Son and the comforting presence and healing power of His Spirit.

So as you look at all the little pieces in your life, be encouraged to believe that one day you will see exactly how they fit into the plan of God, not only for you but for His Kingdom as it comes. He is coming! One day, even better than Easter.



One thought on “Pieces of Puzzles

  1. Puzzles seem to be a universal anxiety reliever and great pass time. We have 2 puzzle tables in our craft room and people come in and out along with the regular puzzlers I too believe God is fitting together the pieces of our lives to make us whole for eternity. Love Mom

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