pghriverview2016A funny thing happened while I was reading my Twitter feed.  I was reading an article by a long time family friend about a city we both have lived in.  And it turned out that we were both in said city last weekend.

He was lecturing a group of leaders who devote time and energy to praying for their beloved city.  He was praising their commitment and the discipline of taking the long view for the Kingdom of God to revive and prosper a place, not just physically but spiritually.

I was in the city watching our oldest march with the band from his Christian college in a parade sponsored by the public schools  The story of God’s hand moving the oldest to said college is of great encouragement to me as his mother, as well as an alumna; and a story for his own blog.

I’m struck by the continuity of God’s work in our lives.  I enjoy and recommend the writing of Dr. Steven Garber for the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture in the article The Way The World’s Supposed To Be.  There are many good things to enjoy on the website for the Institute.  And I’m encouraged by the long view.  As discussed in the last blog, my vision is changing as my children grow up.  Opportunities for broader work have presented themselves, though are not yet firmly established as there is still plenty of homebuilding to be done.

I had to laugh at the joy I found in knowing that God’s work goes on around me even in a city where I made plans to spend time with our soon to be on her own girl just so we could have an outing to watch her brother’s band play.  In this season that gets so busy, may you find the joys of God’s continuing work surrounding you.  Blessings.



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