This blog is inspired by this give away of my favorite things; tea, books and Panera.

Check them out then come back.  Or read on and then check them out.  Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for their poems.

In fact, that’s really what the blog is about.  Missing opportunities.  The choices before us as mothers of how we spend our time and energy.  It never ceases to amaze me that the supposed endless monotony of my days as a “stay home” mom really are ever changing.  Fascinating that there isn’t really one instruction book specific to every mother and certainly not to every child.  

The phases of growth in the lives of our children are individual.  They are experienced by us through our own unique filters and responded to in ways unimaginable to others.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up.  

As mentioned previously in this blog flexibility and a good attitude remain foundational.  As well as grace, forgiveness, sincere apologies and a solid prayer life.  

Each of our children teach me much and the oldest two are beginning a season of bearing fruit of their own.  They are a tribute to us in ways that can only be explained by the graciousness of a loving God!  I’m truly blessed not to have missed the opportunity to be their mother.


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