29 years and about 11 months, in fact, 30 years to the day from my upcoming 48th birthday, I went to college.  I was so excited and ready.  I don’t remember anyone crying.  I do remember the video with my dad holding my Cabbage Patch doll while waiting at the door of my dorm.

This week, we sent our oldest off to my alma mater and he is settling in to band camp and being on his own as I type.  I’m not really sad.  I can’t ask for a better return on an 18 year investment than the young man the Lord has allowed him to become.  The way the path led him to his college choice had the fingerprints of God clearly displayed, beginning with a move to a city I didn’t want to make in 7th grade that ultimately led me to a small college I might not have otherwise know about.  God is good.  And so very faithful.

My parents figure heavily in the story of God’s faithfulness to me.  My father closed most of our family prayers with, “And for all the ways You love us and care for us, we are grateful.”  All the ways, we can see, and some we can’t until years, even decades, later.  God loves us and cares for us.

So we send off our firstborn with anticipation and trepidation.  As our sermon illustration pointed out last week, you can see it’s a chair, you can test it’s a chair, but you don’t know you believe it’s a chair until you turn around to sit on it.  Today we sit in the grace of our gracious God.  Having watched as He brought this one to the place in maturity to acknowledge his faith, grow in his gifts and talents and be ready to see what the world apart will hold for him.  And we sit in faith that the things we have assured him, and ourselves, about the love of God and the faithful presence of God will go with him, even though we can’t.

Blessings for the moments of letting go, and finding faith, in your days ahead.


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