Due to this year’s extreme cold and a bit of snow this is our 9th snow day.  I have been meaning to write more this year. But, “best laid plans” are sometimes unfinished, or interrupted, or changed for better.  Thanks to a Facebook thread with Mrs. L and company, today’s the day.

I would like to affirm that we do not live in Narnia, at least the “Always winter, never Christmas” part.  There will come spring.  And this year with the added bonus of a couple of our family having given up key ingredients of their diets for Lent, there will be the added relief of either having the habit established past this transition (read withdrawal) or reclaiming the freedom to bring back the ingredients.  It is a good reminder though that transitions, even ones with good intentions or outcomes, are not easy.

And failures are not fun.  Last year at this time I was just beginning to enjoy employment with the public school system as a substitute in both the classroom and health clinic settings.  But I had signed up in the fall for real estate and was still committed to my broker.  He did ask me if I wanted to be continue when I called to tell him that I had accepted a long-term assignment of three weeks.  In hindsight I should have said, “no.”  I had only rented one apartment and was freezing my nights and weekends away showing rentals without results and paying all the dues and fees.    Finally in June, after two more rentals, one for which I would never get paid, and just before the next set of dues and fees, I placed my license on “inactive” status and picked up a hearing and vision screening team assignment from the public school health clinic administration for a semester.

It was good to be free, and good to learn the limits of my working while still having home as my primary focus.  Another extreme winter has altered my working schedule again this year.  I am not paying dues and fees but I am losing the money for days I was scheduled but don’t actually work.  Monday the automated system called not to offer me a job but to cancel one.  At six in the morning no less!

In all this God has been present and active, of course and gracious enough to let me see His work.  I’ve made lovely friends from my fall team. Thanks to some summer school sub work, I have been befriended by the office staff at our local middle school where I can work and keep a not too intrusive eye on things.  The schedule has been just right for this year!

My plans to begin a five day assignment this morning did not work.  Yet as I sat and watched the snow fall and anticipated spending one more day at home with our soon departing Senior and his quickly growing siblings, I am grateful.

Blessings to see the work of God as your days unfold, even unexpectedly!


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