throwquilt14This is my first as requested blog.  Mrs. Y commented on a quilt picture my mom posted on Facebook with a request for more information, so here is the story.  I inherited many things from my grandmother and one of them was a full length denim skirt my mother made as a Christmas gift for her in 1973. The backing is from another full length skirt my mother made; one of three, one for herself, one for my grandmother and a pinafore for me.  I found us pictured wearing these.  

70sWomen (3)My mother says she saw the idea on the Dinah Shore show.  A denim skirt with memory patches for each of the members of our family at the time.  Mary was my paternal grandmother who loved Hawaii, a trip she wrote about in great detail in a travel journal I also inherited.  Bill was my paternal grandfather who had a favored wingback chair in the den from which he watched Mr. Cronkite’s evening news. My uncle Chuck was a sailor who always returned bearing gifts.  My mother, Jeanette, sewed the skirt and made the patches among many other gifts each year.  Also pictured is my Christmas stocking that must have been a popular kit around the same time. Twenty years later I saw one a friend’s mother had made for her.  My father Bill, who my grandmother called, “Billy” to avoid confusion, had a passion for books evident even before he lined floor to ceiling shelves in the old coal cellar of our Pittsburgh home and was either in, or soon attending seminary. I’m Amy, formerly a lover of swing sets in the backyard and my brother Charlie, now Charles, has easily transitioned from sandboxes to beaches.

My grandparents are now in eternity and my mother doesn’t sew, nor does my father read as momstockingmuch.  My uncle lives on land and, as stated, my brother is doing fine in his home by the sea.  Life is worth remembering as we journey homeward.  I thought it unlikely that my mother, myself, or my daughter would ever actually wear the skirt yet it was too much work lovingly made to leave folded up over a hanger in a closet any longer.  So, a throw, though needing to be used only for display, would at least allow it to be in the family a little longer.  And that, friends, is the story.  

Blessings for the memories of those who you love and who have loved you.  Remember too, the One who loves you best and is forever faithful.


4 thoughts on “Throw Quilts and Making Lasting Memories

  1. I was glad to see the picture of us in the skirts. Where were the applications on grandma’s skirt . Don’t see them in the picture. It is the best gift.
    Thanks bunches.

    1. Thanks Mom, for the work in making it and reading the blog about it! There were two skirts. The one I used as background that I had a picture of and the one with the patches which I don’t have a picture of.

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