OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI sat through the 15 minutes of ads, “special behind the scenes”, and previews to be confronted by the new DreamWorks logo proclaiming their 20th year and looked beside me at the 11 year old who had viewed all but the first few of their movies and wondered. I mean with wonder, I thought how influential they have been in our lives.  Just a thought in the brief moment before lowering my 3D glasses (which for the price of the movie, I should keep but didn’t) and joining the wild ride of training dragons again.  What a fun ride of a film, which does include some very heavy topics.  One of the clearest being living in grace and peace.  Truly a good lesson.  If you can handle 3D it’s the way to go on this one.

I think it has been years since I was in a theater.  In fact, this could be the first movie I’ve seen in a theater in Virginia since moving here three years ago.  Times have changed, indeed!  I don’t mean I don’t watch movies, just that I prefer them at home usually.  One blessing of this outing was the thrill of my companion at the novelty of being at the movies.

Marching On
Marching On


The youngest being the only one home is less of a rarity these days.  The oldest juggles two jobs and a busy workout and basketball schedule and his sister is off on the first of a couple of summer adventures, this one with her dad and his family.  And I’m keeping the fort, sort of.  I’m blogging rather than filing but that isn’t new.

I have a new appreciation for fort keeping these days.  My latest experiment in going back to work has not been successful and having left real estate I’ve reclaimed our nights and weekends and am very thankful!  Plus, the Lord has provided work that pays you for showing up and seems to be opening doors as I need them, as usual.  But work outside the home does leave less time for home no matter how you slice it.  So for now, with a week long Vacation Bible School safely behind me I’m happy to hang out at home for the summer.  I even bought a sprinkler!

I caught my breath yesterday at the end of VBS when I realized my rising 6th grader will not be participating as a student next year. This concludes a 13 year stretch teaching everyone from preschool to parents, along with this year’s excellent craft team creating the armor of God for Bible Boot Camp.  So, as my dad is fond of saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Blessings for the fun as the time around you flies!  And in the moments when it seems to slow and be a lot less than fun, may you be encouraged by the presence of Him who has all the time in the world for you and is with you all the way.


One thought on “Time Flies

  1. A well thought out blog
    Amy. I wondered about seeing how to Train your Dragon.
    Maybe we will. Hope Steve and Madie had a good time. Like their pix.

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