Driving hours with Mom.
Driving hours with Mom.

Sometimes a birthday blog is written on, or at least nearer, a birthday.  In this case a birthday was last Sunday, and low key.  As in the case of a few other years, a cold snowy, somewhat mellow, day with just us family.  Monday was a Federal Holiday to celebrate the many President’s birthdays in this month.

Then, there was today.  The seventh day of in-car driving with other students and an instructor, that resulted in a birthday present worthy of 17 years!  One blue piece of paper in a plastic sleeve (until a more permanent card is given) allows driving alone two weeks BEFORE little sister gets her Learner’s Permit.

Once again, I find myself faced with the fact that what lies ahead of him is clearer for him to view than for me to see from behind him.  The fact that the best of my mothering efforts are always rewarded by the flight of my young.  And this time, I’m struck by the truth that THAT is exactly the point.  “Go, therefore, and make disciples…”  who will in turn, in their time, in God’s plan, go.  They will, Lord willing, also make disciples while being disciples and still returning, at least for now, to the fold; having only driven down the street to work.  So here we go!  Happy Birthday to ours and to yours and to you, when applicable.

Blessings for the strength to let God, in His time, grow your children into His disciples.


5 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Blog

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