ImageI am using my Christmas card list to replace my now officially lost address book.  Fortunately in this case my pack rat tendencies have come in handy as I saved most of last year’s Christmas card envelopes and have sent off this year’s cards using those addresses.  Which is why if you sent one to us last year you may have gotten one in a surprisingly timely fashion.

Also, I’m creating a database/spreadsheet to keep track of said addresses and have a short code in the “ID” section that sometimes contains last names and sometimes things that help me remember how I know people or what group they fit in, Tenant 1, for example, is my first rental tenant.  For my in-laws the shorthand reads “familyF1” and I had to laugh when I realized that the code for my parents would then be “familyI1”.  Truer words were never spoken.  For those of you who know them, I hope you too are laughing.  Parents who have done their best by you in light of the saving grace of Our Lord whose birth we celebrate is winning indeed.

For those of you for whom this holiday represents more baggage than upside please remember that Our heavenly Father loves you dearly enough to send His only begotten Son to prove it and that is what Christmas is all about.

Blessings for a merry Christmas and happy 2014!


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