p1220797-2.jpgIt a sad state of church here in America these days.  A group of people have decided to define the work of the Holy Spirit apart from any experiential testimony. More unfortunately, they have decided to question the faith of those who do.  It is one thing to debate theology.  It is another thing to condemn those who disagree to the pits of hell.  Which is what you mean when you question whether people have genuine faith in Jesus.

Without much debate it is agreed that the most wonderful miracle experienced by believers is the work of the Holy Spirit in their own hearts.  A God who makes it His main objective to rescue the dead to life is not to be easily defined.  Perhaps how He meets us is as unique as His care and activity in our lives.  The path to knowing the love of God is not as uniform as some would have us believe.  Ask your believing friends for testimony of the current work of God in their lives and even if they don’t speak in tongues I certainly hope you hear about the direct activity of God’s Spirit in their lives.

We have changed churches, as mentioned in previous blogs.  The most exciting part of our new experience is the acknowledgement of the active work of God in the lives of His people.  They regularly pray for healing and for confirmation of reviving work of God’s Spirit in the community at large.  They expect God to both hear and answer prayer.  Not apart from the Scripture, but in fulfillment of it.  That God, even in this time between already and not yet is still present, real and clearly working His will in this world and in our lives.

As a mom with the testimony of God’s active and miraculous work in the lives of all of our children, especially with the answered prayers for His grace and work in the life of our special one, it is unlikely that I will affirm or discount His ability to do whatever He will despite the implications to my theological preferences.  Food for thought.

Blessings for the reality of God’s love in your lives!


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