OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce upon a time I sat beside a fence in a lovely green common area a member of the mom side of a playgroup.  We were letting the young ones run and roam while discussing the growth of our children and conversations that spring up around our homes in the midst of family living.

I was talking with my friend about going back to work, eventually.  And how my hubby wasn’t really interested in losing me at home for a job but would be willing perhaps to spare me for a career.  We talked about what that might look like and what it might mean for me and for our family.  More schooling, how and when to decide what exactly to do were questions we were batting around.

Her comment was she had never considered in the midst of her at home kids that one day they would not be at home.  And she could be open to new paths before her.  I filed the memory and went home to spend the better part of a decade learning about our children, how they think and how to meet their expanding needs, develop their expanding skill sets, adding a dog and moving to a bigger house.  Lots of expanding.  Except a fairly small focus for me.  Enjoyable and precious years they have been.  Then things began to change, for me, and them.

We went to a new church, the first sermon series was on allowing God to give you a vision for new growth; asking Him for something new to do.  So I did.  And I had one of the most consuming years of my life with tales of fourth grade that would frighten even Judy Blume.  Finally, fourth grade ended.

I had time to look carefully at the application for Substitute Teaching that I filled out at the beginning of the school year and notice that it was incomplete and no one had followed up from my online submission, even though they only accepted online submissions.  I interviewed and went to class and got on the list just as school ended.

At coffee with a friend she suggested I sign up for a new agent training program in her RE/MAX office.  “I’ll talk to Hubby.” I said.  Thinking we could both laugh at the thought of me selling anything to anyone.  He didn’t laugh!  He said it might be a good idea.  God was laughing now.  I interviewed and found an online class.  I studied, was examined and licensed and started.  Even had a day of subbing already.  The kids laugh as I have them practice, “Oh, by the way, my mom’s in real estate.”  And off we go.  A new path to an unknown future.  Knowing we are all loved not only for the roles we have in the family but uniquely for who He has made us to be.  So the new slogan for my new career is “Finding Your Path Home.”

Blessings for knowing, either in exciting times or ordinary days, that He goes before you and plans paths you cannot even imagine!  And in His faithfulness will guide you Home.


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