We’re growing pumpkins this year, from seed.  The funny thing is it is a small picture of our transformation as a family.  What an awesome adventure to follow a seed to full ripe fruit!

Little did I know as I rode along beside my oldest learning to drive that my life journey would be so quickly changed by a few summer months.  When we changed houses, schools, churches and states life around me was different but my role remained mostly the same.  This summer I worked to change my daily structure.  That will be another blog, no doubt.

For now I’d like to thank Steve for his work on behalf of our family so that for the last decade and a bit over half I could be home.  Of course, I use the words “be home” lightly.  More accurately, so that I could focus my daily activities on the juggle of three children, keeping house, a variety of doctor appointments, school meetings and field trips, work at our church, and occasional part-time employment opportunities.  Allowing me time to give help to or have lunch and connection time with, friends and neighbors as well as keeping up with the needs and demands of our kids as they grew.

And grow they have.  As have we.  Even from the earliest days of having our precious babies we were aware of their yearning for life beyond us.  From the time the aforementioned oldest could stand with his head between the rails of our split rail fence I could see the wheels of his mind turning.  I knew he was thinking, “As soon as I can, I’m jumping this fence.” His first word was, “light” quickly followed by “apartment”.  His sister has wanted a slumber party every Friday practically since she was born on that first Friday in September!  And young one is ready to invent something to help people and that makes him famous or to travel in a Tardis, whichever comes first.

All we have done is actually in preparation for the leaving coming evermore quickly.  The bicycles that let them ride around a small circle in a mostly quiet parking lot now lets them travel the many paths to and from various courts, fields, pools and schools throughout the neighborhood.  Teaching them to swim has led from pools to oceans.  And there’s the driving.  Off they go.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

And I am thankful not to have missed it.  Grateful to have been, and still be, participating first hand in growing up kids, and pumpkins!  How gracious of God to give me such blessing!  And thanks again Steve!

May you be able to look back on your journey and see much growth.  Blessings.


4 thoughts on “How Do Our Pumpkins Grow? Fast!

    1. Thanks so much Kim! I hope you’ll be part of the years ahead. Even if you don’t need to buy or sell a house in VA. Maybe just a catch up lunch would be great. Love Always. And thank you for reading.

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