IMG_0544Got to go to camp in Boswell, PA where my niece and nephew finished up the Best Two Weeks of their summer so far.  They needed a ride to our place.  And to do laundry but that’s another story.  The oldest M needed more hours on his driving log so we took the slower two lane and headed out for a three hour tour.  Which was about three hours and forty minutes in actual time.

Teaching the oldest to drive has been a process for almost a year now.  He got his learner’s permit at 15 and a half and has slowly been accumulating the hours necessary since.  He’ll take behind the wheel instruction at school and head out for his test just before his little sister qualifies for her permit.  At least that’s the plan.

Life is different from the passenger’s side.  Fortunately the Lord provided grace to me in the form of tangled knitting yarn which took most of the trip to untangle giving my hands and mind something to do while still narrating parts of the trip.  Like describing the process of negotiating passing a truck on the uphill side, not the downhill.  The truth is once you turn over the wheel, at least in an average vehicle, it isn’t yours and you aren’t in charge or control, even if you’re still Mom.  I did get to DJ from his phone.  And to reminisce on a road I have driven many times over many years.  And arrive at a camp where I was not a camper but did spend a summer running the kitchen crew back in the day.

We sat through awards and ceremony to arrive back in the car with aforementioned laundry and I drove back.  We had avoided a tunnel on the way there.  The oldest just making it to work on time thanks to his sister’s handy laundry skills making his uniform clean at the last minute!  It’s a team effort here these days.  Lots of learning.  Driving needs to be learned.  Working needs to be learned.  Persistence has to be taught, and reminded.  Again these lessons highlight the truth of the need for family in the traditional sense of adults who are training up children in the way that they should go.  Turns out we don’t grow up very well without help.  On the kid side we don’t learn perseverance if no one tells us not to quit and on the adult side we don’t learn to let go if we don’t allow them to take the wheel.

This is making disciples.  Teaching the thought process of discipline.  The discipline of doing a good job even after the initial flush of “hey, I got a job!” wears off.  Even when customers are picky, or unreasonable, or unfair.  Even when bosses are picky, or unreasonable, or unfair. 😉  And even when you’re working with Dad.  It’s a big transition this summer.  And when one makes a big transition we all ride along.

Blessings on your journey! Whatever your path may you grow more confident in the One who has gone before you with plans for His glory and your good.


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