Firm Foundation: A Book Review

Today I’m recommending Catherine Claire Larson’s newest book Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting.

Last year we attended church with the Larson family and having attended the women’s Bible study with her, knew that this latest book was arriving.  It is lovely.  A reflection of the writer and her deep desire to glorify God in her writing and particularly, in this case, to draw expecting mothers into a deeper relationship with their Creator as they await the arrival of the life He’s forming within them.

I had to laugh because Mrs. Larson’s version of birthing her son on Sunday morning and the resulting precious praise and wonder is a Rockwellian portrait compared to my own Sunday morning arrival who was promptly handed over to his father while I was handed a bedpan in which to vomit.  

Nonetheless, this journal and it’s emphasis on everything from practical encouragement on the physical growth of the baby to getting rest and strengthening your marriage will make this not only a book to use during the process of expecting but a keepsake for the days and years ahead.  I kept journals during my pregnancies and treasure them more as the years pass.

It is a long, participatory book a bit like the process itself.  This one is worth it even if you don’t fill in every line or memorize every verse.  An investment in the spiritual foundation of the family, especially mom.   If you’re giving it as a gift, encourage your mom-to-be that any part of it will be a blessing.  Suggest she share the thinking parts with the dad-to-be and add another dimension.  

Here, then, is one way to stand for families; to encourage moms to think Christianly about the role of their spiritual lives in the life of their unborn child.  To all those supporting the movement this book is truly pro-life.



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