crossncupThis post has been brewing for a couple of weeks now with the winter giving way to spring sports and Easter break.  In which there was snow, and a Seder for 30!

Just before the break I caught an episode of Once Upon A Time (ABC, Sunday, 8 pm)   that portrayed the image of needing Easter as well as I’ve ever seen on television; apart from movies specifically depicting the life of our Lord.  Snow White is lured by Rumplestiltskin into killing an evil queen, mother of another evil queen (but that’s another blog!) who killed her mother.  She falls into depression despite the earlier portrayal of battling evil.  She has wrapped up her identity in being good.  She cannot shake the image problem this behavior has caused and goes to the still living evil queen and requests to be killed.  The evil queen obligingly removes her heart with her hand to reveal a glowing red jewel with a small dark spot at the center.  Instead of killing her the evil queen replaces Snow White’s heart with the threat that the evil spot will grow and take over and thus send her into misery; the kind the queen lives with.

I was almost shocked at the blatant truth telling.  For all the junk, and agenda, and sin propagated on television here was a stunningly accurate portrayal of the problem of evil.  Even a justifiable evil in an otherwise good person turns their heart.  The show is now exploring how to rectify such a problem.  Pinocchio has to be selfless, brave and true to be turned back into a real boy.  Prince Charming says it best at the end of the latest episode.  Love is the cure.

First Corinthians 13:8, the title of the blog, describes love as unfailing.  First John 4:8 says God is love.  In John 10:38 Jesus claims oneness with His Father. He does not fail to follow the law perfectly, he does not fail to submit to His Father’s perfect plan for the salvation of sinners and he does not fail to rise triumphant.  Do not lose heart; He will not fail you.

Blessings for a year in which you count afresh on the unfailing love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit!


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