IMG_0039Anti-discrimination laws have apparently gone rogue here in America.  In Massachusetts a law was so poorly written that taken to its logical conclusion boys who “feel like” girls can use the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.  At least let’s agree that no one is forcing admission to the boys’ room.  This follows an unfortunate incident of a naked adult with the anatomy of a male in a public “Ladies” sauna and changing room in California.  The coach of the local community college whose locker room it was, demanded he leave due to the presence of young girls and later apologized!  For what?!  All the confusion?

Is this really about which restroom to use?  What is the real issue?  Where is even a moment of common sense?  Should there be discussion of public bathroom use?  Sure.  Is there a way to make gender neutral bathrooms in public spaces?  Probably.  Is it a given that hormone charged high school boys will say anything to get to the girls’ room?  Yes.  And this is really the problem.

I have a high school boy.  And girl.  No slam to either meant here.  But boys are not girls.  Girls are not boys.  And they were not created to be.  They are not “free to be.”  The airplane picture explains some of my thinking about this issue.  Even if there is extreme genetic manipulation on the horizon, as my friend Dawn Morris suggests in her book, One Will Be Taken  and it gives us a world where traits, such as gender, hair and eye color can be selected before birth.  As scary as that might be, the traits will still not be self-selected.  We can fly; but not without an airplane.  We aren’t made that way.  Eventually, we must return to admitting the truth that we are, in fact, made.  And it matters.

Boys are made to become men.  Girls are made to become women. This is God’s good plan; for people.  It isn’t just His plan for people who like it.  The truth of a Creator who has a plan for the people He creates is the essence of the Good News.  And truth still sets people free.  If you, like me, are spending some time this Lent pondering the sins in your own heart and the confusion in the darkness around you please pray for light of Gospel truth to shine forth as we look forward to celebrating Easter.  Proclaim Him risen indeed and pray He draws the people you know deeper into His love.  We need not respond poorly; just clearly.

Blessings for a thoughtful day!


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