OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI realized I’m out of blog rhythm and it is partly from sharing my computer and partly from picking up new things; like this Kindle received last Christmas that I finally figured out how to type on.

Along with this lovely WordPress app I’ve also installed an app to count my calories.  I’m honestly quite surprised at the patterns I’ve developed that are fairly easy to break once I began paying specific attention to my choices.

Of course this season has, as I’ve mentioned before, not been routine.  It has been almost impossible to create routine and that has caused the strange sense of running on sand and, naturally, making little progress.

Even so, our Lord has provided just the thing for my season of struggle.  Not in the usual daily, or regular,  routines but in the larger communal routine of Advent.  Isn’t it wonderful?  I’ve never been much for the light the candles in a wreath at home before.  We have the calendar, monogrammed even, but that counts down as much to the presents as to any deeper meaning.

But this is our year!  Now that we’ve been embraced by a more liturgical church, we’re trying to embrace more traditions.  At church yesterday I made a wreath.  They provided the makings,  candles and booklet of daily devotions:  The Adverbs of Advent. So now, as well as lit candles and verses at church we are lighting and reading and talking at home.  We can use it every day.  And I hope we will.  It is providing a calm moment in a hectic season.

May you recognise the moments of God’s provision of your immediate needs in this season of celebrating His marvelous provision for our truest need.  Blessings!


3 thoughts on “Advent: Celebrating The Tradition

  1. It is wonderful to celebrate how God so loved the world that He sent His only Son (from the foundation of the world)–it was planned. He came that we might be saved from our sin and have eternal life.

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