A tough month in some ways now that September is over.  As usual my expectations of my time and the reality of my energy were at odds.  But there was an encouraging yard sale.

I’m learning piano again.  I purchased a Level 4 lesson book and play through once a day (in theory) each song or lesson for five days then move on, ready or not.  I have learned lots and am able to do a bit better even if progress seems slow.  And I’ve discovered the joy of arpeggiated chords.  Defined as playing “the lowest note first, and quickly add the next higher notes one at a time until the chord is complete.” Denoted by a wavy line beside the chord.

That seems a picture of our month in many ways.  I rejoiced earlier in a blog about being “unpapered” for fourth grade.  Sadly, we have returned to deforesting efforts as the teacher resubmitted paperwork to have us brought back to the world of extra supports.  Plus a regular meeting with the school counselor.  I applaud the efforts on our behalf by our capable teacher and her knowledge of when to get more help for the sake of the whole class, our student, as well as for her own sanity.

So we struck the first note of 4th grade and pushed the pedal.  It was klunky.  Then we started again.  We are seeing similar behaviors at home.  We are all tired of this cycle.  Including our buddy who has to work hardest to regain lost ground.  It is hard to be different.  His aging has brought self-awareness and an awareness of others but that has its own kind of isolation.  To know the differences; to see them or have them pointed out regularly.

At home we have begun the chore chart again.  An incentive system for computer privileges and television watching.  And a new set of shows with perhaps more calming effect than the earlier cartoons.  We shall see.  Another note, more to come starting to hear music again.  Seeing progress.  And the faithfulness of our gracious God.

The new church came with a special friend for the one who needed a friend most!  Last week after church they went biking.  We left him and his bike and off they went for lunch and a ride.  A friend of his own.  How blessed can we be?

May you see God’s hand even in your setbacks.  Perhaps you’ll hear the chords; only notes at first but coming together bit by bit.

Blessings even in the minor chord moments!


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