God’s priority is people.  This is the basic principle of ministry I grew up with.  I believe it and attempt, usually, or sometimes, to live within it.  I thought.  Lately, I’ve noticed God doing more deep digging than light weeding in my heart and mind, leading me to finally wonder what I am missing.  So gracious and patient is our God!

The Lord has shown me that my verbal acknowledgement of His kingdom being more than Presbyterians has been ungraciously received when it meant leaving not only my home state but my home denomination.  What a brat I can be!  God has lovingly sent me signs to show me that change was His only option for our worship choice.  First we didn’t fit anywhere in the church that seemed most obvious.  A series of closed doors and brick walls that I insisted we continue to knock on and would have possibly preferred running into instead of leaving but for the fact that my hubby was already gone!

God has provided a new denomination with a combination of traits unlike any I’ve ever seen. (Which isn’t saying too much as I’ve already professed to generational Presbyterianism!)  But even aforementioned hubby, with a broader evangelical background, hasn’t seen this combo before.  And it turns out that I’ve raised a couple of church snobs who need to see a broader kingdom before heading off into the wild unknown of College campus ministries.  Oops!

In confirmation of our decision the Rector has been over for dinner, I met our Priest for Worship in the grocery store and I bought a book from their shelf that I can barely put down.  Not to mention their gift to visitors is a coffee mug.  God does know me well! Hubby has received his own confirmations involving a warm reception by the Praise and Worship Team grateful for his gifting and actually believing that God sent him to them.  Plus the Lord has been reminding me of the size of His love and care for not only me, family and local community, but through Facebook and the Internet you can really see how much God is at work in the lives of His people.

Many of my recent discussions have dealt with the idea that nothing happens apart from the hand of God.  It is His plans we seek to be part of as light in the darkness of the world around us.  His plans for me and the people I know involve Him making His Presence more known to me that I might show Him to others and look more like Jesus when they see into my life.  So it isn’t apart from God’s gracious hand that I’m being stretched beyond my denominational preferences to expand into a new path.  People who love Jesus, love prayer and worship, and love the communities into which God has asked them to root.  Sounds great.  So off we go down an unfamiliar path with the blessing of a familiar light to guide us.  “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 199:105

Blessings for continued journey along the narrow path with confidence in The Light!


2 thoughts on “Free to Change

  1. Being a Kingdom person is certainly more than denominational, God takes away barriers to our provincial thinking and expands our horizons in many different ways, I have noticed recently. He uses many people of many backgrounds to teach us to look to Him.

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