This year I have more than ever to be thankful for.  And I am.  I waited a day for this posting.  Because I object to the discrediting of giving thanks for the prospect of getting stuff, even if it is on deep discount.  And because the privilege of hosting our first Thanksgiving in our new home made yesterday a day without blog time.  Even with the help of my usual hostess and exceptionally talented mother-in-law who, as usual, did a large portion of the cooking and clean up there just wasn’t enough time.   And not that much to say.  I walked my darling daughter to ambitious neighbor’s at 6 AM to get a ride to the mall where she spent the next 6.5 hours shopping for her Christmas presents and enjoying time with new found friends.  She even ran into a new friend from the new church!

I began to wonder then at why it is that I’m so put off by the thought that Thanksgiving gets squeezed every year by Christmas.  My lovely and much missed Gram put her tree up almost as soon as the last dish was dry from the Thanksgiving table, so it isn’t like I haven’t been raised with the thinking.  Maybe it is that what I’m missing in the Christmas season is the ability to see Christmas as a time to be most thankful.  No gift received in this life will rival or out last the life born on the day that is reason for giving gifts at all.  As I have set up my new home I have unpacked almost every box.  Taken out loads of gifts both long displayed and newly acquired, or newly found with shelf space to accommodate it.  I’ve filled frames with pictures old and new, hung paintings and pictures and treasured the memories each of these bring of lovely people who I have been surrounded by my whole life.  And I am very grateful for each gift and person represented.  I cannot be more grateful for them than for the One who has sent them all.

So as I decorate for a hopefully lovely Christmas, complete with a special room just for the train (already up and running!).  I pray to be reminded not only of the babe in the manger, but the life and work fleshed out among us, taken by us, and risen for us that we might live.  May you believe how much you are loved by God who sent His Son so that you will not perish but have everlasting life.



One thought on “Thankfully

  1. Bravo Amy! I agree. It is lovely to give thanks for the important thing in life.
    Nay and Dante helped me put up our Charlie Brown tree and get out the decorations. What used to be a full day now takes about 2 hrs with cleanup an it looks nice I think

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