Today wasn’t cold but there was frost this morning.  Sunday was cold, at least as I was walking the dog before church. On our walk I noticed that the morning frost was heaviest in the shadows.  As the sun came up the frost melted quickly.  It was warmer this morning on our way to school but still, the pattern remained.  Frost in the shadow of a bush, a house, on a roof, in the shape of the speed limit sign in the front yard.

It seems true in my inner life as well.  I get frosty in the places I don’t warm with the light of the Son.  I become easily distracted by the seemly never ending errands, chores, and everyday tasks, and then choose brain drain over the discipline of thought, reading, writing, or filing!  There are always choices for things to do.  The easy ones are tempting, just sit for a moment and eat while watching mindless TV.  Or even find an exercise program on said TV then sit after the exercise for just a bit longer than expected pushing off the whole schedule of the day.  Wait to read, push off thinking, respond to whatever immediate need with whatever immediate resources are available instead of warming up in the light of the Word and the presence of the Spirit who motivates us as we think on lovely things.  So little lovely to think on when the TV is on.  Props, however, to ABC for the new Once Upon A Time show at 8 pm on Sundays that the kids and I are thoroughly enjoying together!

I’m reading the highly recommended 1000 Gifts:  A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp.  And it’s working.  I’ve always liked thinking about gratitude and the power of thankfulness.  This helps me remember that in the right Spirit I can be thankful to a God who is present with me exactly where I am.  Turns out thanksgiving is a fabulous defroster!

My favorite Christmas movie last year was Holiday Inn and as good as the movie is, the soundtrack is wonderful.  They have a song for each holiday and the one for Thanksgiving is both catchy and fittingly titled, “I’ve Got Plenty To Be Thankful For.”  So I’m playing it often to remind myself of the grace I need to receive before I can turn it around and graciously mother my kids, love my hubby, do dishes, laundry, band concerts and even register the van to be officially Virginians!  One thing at a time.  One day at a time.

Blessings for moments of thankfulness and the thawing joy they provide!


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