Interesting the ripples in the pond you don’t expect.  I’ve wanted to move for a very long time.  I wanted a house just like the one we loved despite the work for us to do. Wanted space for my parents, in-laws, guests and friends.  I want to entertain.  I want to write.  Yet, today I feel behind in everything and it’s only just begun.  We were late for school.  I had to park, walk in to the office, sign in and watch my student walk slowly off down the hall, which made us later.  Everyone feels a bit sluggish.  It’s cold and we were up late.  There were unfamiliar noises out behind the house last night.  Three out of four of us heard them.  Sister ran to brother’s room for comfort then they followed me around as I looked through the house for signs that the noise was something or someone nearby.  Nothing found except the basement toilet to flush, a blessing it didn’t wait any longer.  But Dad wasn’t home and that made all the difference to feeling safe.  Sleep came easier once he arrived, though they had been sent to bed long before!

I’m not sure why I feel so anxious about getting things done. I am mostly caught up.  It just feels like I should be doing more.  More what?  I’m not quite sure.  Usually this time of year I’m melting down pumpkins and visiting people with fresh bread.  The first blog, almost two years ago, was about making pumpkin bread.  We had lots of pumpkins we made lots of bread, waffles, ice cream and pie.  The family finished with pumpkin.  It was the second of a three year obsession for me.  I didn’t buy pumpkins this year.  At the last minute  I made a referee shirt out of a white collared shirt, two sided tape and tissue paper.  He liked it.  Referees like rules and get a whistle, it suited him.

More than being homesick for another place, these moments remind me of missing my routines.  I haven’t yet developed a pattern here.  Haven’t spent even 5 months, haven’t seen all the seasons and am feeling deeply the unfamiliar-ness of living somewhere new.  Adjustment, routine, memory are all developed over time.  I’m sure they will come.  I’m certain it is hard to wait.  As we head into full-blown holiday seasons it will be good to go through fun times in our new house.  We’ve had our first fire, in the fireplace and most of our seasonal decor is where we can find it.  In the midst of this newness, I’m reminded of the blessing of gratefulness.  Thankful for each day here and each day that brought us here.

Blessings for days that make you thankful!


6 thoughts on “A Year Without Pumpkins

  1. Very nice Amy. Routine is nonexistant for us, unless you count daily appts.
    I’m feeling more at home around here but no one in the bldg. to count on if I need help or even to given my key to. Guess it will come.
    Love you.

  2. Hey Amy!
    Were you reading my mind when you wrote this blog? It’s as if you wrote it from my mind… except the part about having your own house. That’s when I was clued in that it really was about your life! We definitely can relate to wanting a routine…. but first a house. Our house hunting has ended in closed doors. Matt just started a blot and put pics of the houses on it. Check it out: We are trying not to be to eager for our tomorrows, but are trying to be faithful with our Today. Nice to hear from you. Love, Ellen

    1. Thanks Ellen. Sorry about the frustration of not finding a house. That one isn’t on my radar but I can sympathize! I’ll check out Matt’s blog. It will be good to “see” a bit of what’s going on with you guys. So glad you can keep us posted on facebook, etc. We’re going to try to connect you guys with people in our church who are from Honduras and doing ministry work there. I’ll send them the blog link. Love, Amy

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