I think it’s been years since I fasted.  There have been a couple of seasons of regular fasting but they’ve long gone.  So Sunday when there was a call from the Senior Pastor to fast and pray for the Session and budget meetings tonight I was glad.  Sadly, I should have remembered that yesterday when the oldest kid wanted donuts for breakfast and nine are now tempting me from the counter in a room in which I spend most of my day! Nonetheless the renewed moments of time I don’t spend in food plan and prep is always interesting to me.

Fasting doesn’t leverage God.  It does reset my focus.  Who really is the one that sets my priorities?  How much of my life is really within my control?  I know these answers usually, fasting has, through the years, helped me live them.  And it reminds me of the fleeting pleasures and passing moments that are fine to enjoy but not to live for.  My college friend merited a day of fasting as she went to a foreign land to decide upon marrying the man of her dreams and living there, which she does today.  Much prayer and fasting went into our deeply rooted time in the church from which we have recently moved.

And my kids merit more of my prayers than my control, if only I could remember that more often!  There is much in the world to remind us that we need to remember upon whom we can depend.  An ever-present, unsurprised God on whom we can count not to make all our wishes come true but to deliver us to all we could ever wish for in this life and the next.

Blessings for  a day full of reminders of God’s abundant provision.


4 thoughts on “Slowly Fasting

  1. Great reminder, especially that God truly has supplied all that we need right now. And thanks for reminding me that I do enjoy the pleasures in this world at times, but I don’t live for those. As for not being in control of things, that is accentuated here in Honduras! Things move slowly… at least slower than I’m used to in the States. But God is sovereign in that too! God bless you!

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for reading! Glad God supplied all those birthday cards…belatedly! Miss you and Matt! Have a friend from Honduras at our new church who is helping a village there. Blessings.

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