Autumn is a time when words mean more to me.  I started this blog with a definition of autumnal.  This year’s word is enduring from Dictionary.Com the definition is “an adjective meaning either lasting; permanent such as, a poet of enduring greatness, or patient; long-suffering”.  Endurance is the act of enduring.

Fitting to describe much of this season of my life, if not the somewhat fleeting season itself.   The poet example is perfect as I’ve previously recommended my good friend Anne Overstreet’s lovely poetry book, delicate machinery:  suspended.  I mailed it off to her on the distant Pacific shore and it came back signed with an inscription containing the words “enduring friendship”.  A blessing for which I am very grateful.

My parents have recently returned to their faraway home from the longest visit with us ever.   Two weeks that included a women’s retreat, two days of cemetery visits, an ER trip and an open house with some of the people who have known me longest and loved me best outside of those who live here.  They have endured.  As a side note, so have their marriages.  And they have kept up over the long haul of time, daily distraction and distance with my parents who have loved them well through their own enduring of the circumstances in which they live and minister always with care and concern for the people around them.

And finally, Max with whom we have endured news we never expected.  He has endured unimaginable frustration and isolation, as well as an almost constant education.  Now thanks to the many hands who have served us, and many prayers on our behalf, he has beat the odds before him and finds himself at the end of the need for special education services.  He will still be listed as potentially in need of transitional help and there will be at least one or two staff people at the school who are aware of his condition but he will not have need for an IEP as of November 8th.  He seems very much a typical, though quirky, 8 year old.  And to people who don’t know, they don’t know by watching or interacting with him.  Amazing grace!  Enduring grace!

May the God whose mercy endures forever meet you today in all that you are called to endure.  Blessings!


4 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. Lovely my dear. Glad to hear Max is doing so well according to the school also. We were thrilled with him. Loved the comments about enduring friendships.

  2. Congratulations, Amy! Much of Max’s success can be attributed to a mom who is dedicated to enduring the race before her, and it’s a marathon not a sprint!

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