I was watching the hibiscus plants we moved this summer.  I thought they might not bloom.  They were cut way back this winter, in self-defense against balls, and basement hide-and-seek, flashlight tag, wrestling matches.  When we moved we just picked up the pots took them from our patio in Maryland and placed them on our new deck in Virginia. They have bloomed and are budding still.  But it took its time.

There are a couple of key types of transplanting.  The first is described above.  Moving the whole pot from one place to another.  Another is uprooting the plant to place the whole thing in a new, usually larger pot as the old one gets too small.  This fall we will be replanting Mady’s third grade Arbor Day tree to the yard.  And sometimes, for other plants, we divide them, splitting the roots and re-potting them.

In the past week I could blog more about earthquakes, hurricanes, house projects and three kids starting three new schools, but in each case I find that it isn’t where you are or what is happening around you so much as how deeply you’re rooted to the eternal truth that God loves you and sent His son to show you that. In light of His grace poured out into our lives He intends for us to bloom where He plants us.



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