Today’s lessons were from 2 Corinthians 10 and Genesis 13 in Sunday school and Sermon respectively.  For me, the theme is where we are, the being, and where we feel we belong.   Paul is continuing to justify himself against the claims of false teachers and, to some degree, against his absence, as he  speaks truth into the lives of believers to whom he has brought the Word of the Gospel that brought them to faith.  Ultimately, he leaves “commending” to the Lord and dismisses the false boasts of those who should behave better but don’t.

Abram, on the other hand, is returning from a disastrous but profitable trip to Egypt and builds an altar at which to worship as he repents and God repairs their relationship so that Abram can continue on the path laid out for him.  He allows Lot to choose the “better” land thus separating himself both from his family and from the godless crowds of wicked men in whose city Lot will eventually live.

Both these circumstances ask the question of  what is important about where you locate?  And to whom do you belong?  On this most recent journey of moving, location is a key factor in our “where”.  As I listened to Dr. Silvernail talk about feeling away from his home church while on vacation last Sunday, I thought about feeling away from home.  I haven’t experienced as much of that as I thought I would.  I do feel sure that this house, this neighborhood, this church, and these schools is where we are to be, for now.  I can’t explain why and don’t think I need to.  We are here and God has placed us.  We cannot see all the path ahead, but we can see far enough from day to day to do the things in front of us to do.  As for belonging, it is great to have people and places to belong to in this life but the fear of not belonging can border idolatry if held too tightly.  We belong to the one who has redeemed us out of the death of our sinful origins into the life to which He calls us.  Even if it means taking the time to start the  process of belonging all over again.

Blessings for being sure of Him to whom you belong!


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