Just about a month ago we adopted Phoebe the pug and still lived in Maryland awaiting the end of school and closing day.  Since being in town, two weeks on Tuesday, we have been invited to dinner, attended the Middle school girls Bible study, attended the adult study in our neighborhood and had a good time at all.  We were specifically prayed over during the communion service, an honor they pay all their families during communion.  There are benefits to a small church like this.  There are things we aren’t used to but over all we have certainly been welcomed.  We’ve been greeted by neighbors with wine and chocolates!  Thursday there is a Middle school event.  Today on the way out of church a representative of the Welcoming committee gave us home made brownies.  And one of the families hosted what was a very nice picnic, until the rain and hail.  Participating has made a big difference.

It turns out welcome is a two-way street.  It is great if people welcome you.  It is best if you can accept offers of activities that allow for getting to know people.  It takes both sides to create relationship.  We have been on the welcoming side for many years and now we find ourselves on the accepting side.  This beginning to connect also makes us feel more welcome in a house that doesn’t quite yet feel like home.  Many things need “work”.  Some major, some minor, some to get done the necessities like laundry and dishes and some just to update an older home to our own tastes.

And so we begin our lives in a new house, having found a new church, met a few new neighbors and anticipating new schools.  Big changes that will require active participation in following the path God has so graciously laid ahead of us.  We cannot see too far ahead but thus far we are blessed to be here and thankful for each prayer on our behalf.



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