Newly adopted!

We recently talked about getting a dog.  Now that we’re waiting to close on the sale and purchase of a couple of houses it seems the perfect time for an addition to the family, right?  No surprise to those who know me I wanted a Pug.  Not first on anyone elses list though so we combed through picture after picture of up for adoption dogs that are filling rescues all over Maryland and Virginia, not to mention the rest of the nation.  It seems to me as fitting as it does crazy that we’ve rescued Phoebe now, as we wait.  She spent many more months than we have waiting for a home and it is a privilege to watch her learn to trust us with each passing day.

She trusts that we will take her from the crate each morning.  Trusts that she’ll be walked, fed, rubbed, bathed and played with.  And that we will not abandon her to a shelter or another stranger for her to learn.  We are the third home with a shelter or two along the way.  So you can see why she is wary of the process.  She has never before been an only dog.  I think she likes it!  She has adopted Mad as her person of favor with the rest of us filling in as Mad subsitutes as best we can.

I thought a day or two ago, as she sat on my lap and I sang to her while rubbing behind her ears and waiting for the snore that would surely follow, that my relationship to Phoebe is quite like my relationship to God, at times.  Only, I’m the dog.  I don’t fully understand the language God speaks to my life.  I don’t completely trust that He’ll do for me better than I choose for myself.  I yank hard on the leash, or fight it being put on altogether.  Or I simply run away.

Yet even in this life, God has been gracious to me.  I have what I need and most of what I want and am getting more!  How gracious God is to clean me up and bring me home, restoring me to His family and gently training me through His Providence to trust Him more each day.

May you know God’s faithful provision of grace and love in your life this week.  Blessings!


6 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. A great word picture! Can I use it as an illustration for our Bible study? We’re studying Grace. Love, Jana

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