I like celebrating.  Good things happen.  Sometimes in small ways and sometimes in larger ways.  For us, of late, there have been many.  My dad is in the process of recovering from a knee replacement surgery.  His recovery will be painful and hard work but seems to already be helping his mobility.  My mom is getting her first down time since moving.  We have a contract on the house we are selling and had an offer accepted on a house to buy.  Wow!

In the midst of all this Mike was accepted into the Junior National Honors Society, Mady planned a very successful surprise party for her bff, and Max turned a numerical math problem into a word problem on a quiz!  Amazing growth and progress representing amazing grace poured out into our lives.  I recently saw Facebook pictures of our friends helping their almost married son with his fixer-upper property.  It looked like work.  It looked like fun.  It looked like God’s grace poured out on them and they could see it!

Blessings for you to see and celebrate God’s grace in your life today!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating

  1. Hi to all-Glad to hear that your dad is on the mend. I know it will be slow and painful but he has a lot going for him !! Good luck on your future move and congrats to all family!!!!

  2. Hi Uncle Chuck! Thanks for reading the blog. Dad is still in the hospital. But doing OK, I think. We’ll send you the new address when we close. Blessings!!

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