April went fast.  We talked about moving and Autism and Easter.  We moved stuff to storage, cleaned like never before, and possibly never again, and ran around more than most months.  I was able to squeeze in The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Hidden Gallery  by Maryrose Wood thanks to Mad’s friend Rach who lent me her book.  Love this series! Plucky governesses are totally my thing!  Patience, however, not so much.  And change, hmm, that’s a tough one!

Easter was full of longing this year.  It was the last Sunday that Steve played on our Praise Team before his journey to find us a new church home.  The better part of 20 years of service over in an hour.  It was a great hour, everything went as well as I’ve ever seen worship go.  And then it was gone.  I missed my grandmother.  Missed having little kids at the Easter egg hunt, but not having little kids the other 364 days!   And thought about missing the people with whom I’ve lived and worshiped.

That has to be the best part of longing for the Lord’s Return or my turn to enter Eternity.  To know that there are no good byes.  No choices of churches, no reason to leave one neighborhood for another, no people in pain behaving badly toward each other,  and no longing to be with the people you love who aren’t here anymore.  I cannot imagine change in a perfect world.  I’m sure it happens.  I just can’t fathom how.  Mostly because change here implies loss.  But as the Bible promises God has good plans for us and so we go out from our current comforts to discover what He has provided for us on the road ahead.  The sad is replaced in waves of excitement and we’re off!  Thankful to a God who moves and moves us.



2 thoughts on “Lessons and Longings

  1. Hi Amy! I have enjoyed reading your blogs! I assume you are moving and taking on new adventures. I’d love to hear about them! We were very encouraged by our time at Shady Grove and you and your family played a huge role in making that possible! Thanks! May the Lord fill you with Him as you trust Him for what lies ahead!


  2. Hi Lynn, Thanks so much for reading! We’ve just got a contract on the townhouse and will, Lord willing, be moving over the river to Northern Virginia just after school ends. I’m sure at least some of the adventures will make the blog! Hope you and your family are doing well in North Carolina. Blessings, Amy

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