As you may know we don’t have a month to be aware of Autism.  But, in a world where even the devastating news of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear radiation leaking becomes “old” you have to keep people’s attention.  Through my good friend Amy Sealover I found out that Lisa Jo Rudy who is the Guide for Autism on About.Com was looking for ordinary stories about families.  I sent her a link to the Now We are Eight blog and now we are on About.Com.

I hesitate to define our lives by words like “cure” and “success”.  I far prefer blessed and/or moving in a good direction.  My goals for Max, as well as the rest of us are not for some stunning self-revelation that makes us Kings of the Universe but for lives that are self-aware enough to be humble and content enough to be truly able to rest in the knowledge of a God who made us, loves us and has good, even great, plans for us.  And in His great faithfulness God has given us evidence of our growth in Him and His presence in our lives through the joys and sorrows.

Blessings!  And happy April.


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