It’s a good lesson, this time change thing.  Shaking out the rugs and other images of Spring-cleaning gives me a sense of getting things going.  The awakening from the sleepy hibernation of winter, not that we don’t have to get going on winter mornings just that we’re hurrying to get back inside!  Even meeting new neighbors at the park after being mostly indoors is refreshing.  It’s still colder than I would like but nothing to complain about weather-wise these days as images of “natural” disasters fill the internet news.  So I’ve begun, again.  Begun the God’s Purpose for You study that has taken me almost a year to get to week 8.  Begun the Kathleen Buswell Nielson study of 1&2 Thessalonians called Living the Gospel to the End.    Combined the daily reading for these takes about 20 minutes if I look up all the verses!

Yet, I’ve begun to get inspired.  I just finished reading The Incorrigble Children of Ashton Place:  The Mysterious Howling a fun two day read that Mad read first.  And while in the bookstore that isn’t yet going out of business I bought Poetry: warm-up activities from The Daily Spark series and wrote my first poem in years which I’m inflicting on you below.  May the Lord bless you this Spring with the renewal of inspiration.  Blessings!

The tree of Life eternal
Behind the cherubim and ever-turning, always guarding, flaming sword
Between this world and next
Across the river wide.

One side a dung heap of all our best endeavors
The other glowing with glory not our own, freely bestowed.

Saints of ages past, heros of the faith, martyrs young and old
Awaiting the arrival of the final company.

Family reunited in perfection to worship evermore
One Father, One Brother, One Spirit.

We live in hope
Awaiting the Lord’s unknown hour
Sure of His return
Unable to imagine more.

Come Lord Jesus,
Down once more upon this unworthy shore
Come to reign.
Come to cease
All tears and fears and wars.

Come to raise us once and for all
From the gravity of our sin.
The weight of our pride and prejudices faded, disolved
In the light of your eternal praise.


2 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. Like that a lot. Think we need to have a look at the Nielson book. Might be helpful for our class.

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