Not long ago I awoke with the image of a Q in my head.  Then I found this cool picture of a New Zealand stamp.  It reflects some of the things I’ve been thinking about with our kids as they age.  The O that once represented the circle surrounding my life with small children has needed a new line intersecting it.  The line points in as I pray for them to be part of the family as a whole, enjoying one another, loving one another.  The same line leads them out, into a world that doesn’t love them like we do, but makes up for it with the call of yet unexplored freedoms.

To love and let go.  To trust them into the care of an unseen heavenly Father is the essence of Christian motherhood.  Belief that His plans are best for them despite what we feel watching them find their own way.  We begin this new journey of faith in God in the lives of our children as we contemplate moving our family away from our church of 20 years.  The only church our children have ever known.  A church that has loved and prayed for them, and us, through our happy moments and some of the hardest times of our lives.

Moving is another call to faith.  Prayerfully considering houses we hope will change into a home for friends and family.  Feeling certain of the God’s hand in the timing and opportunities before us, yet sorry to leave behind long-time friends.  Still, we are teaching our children, and reminding ourselves, that this is not our permanent home.  This journey has an end beyond this world.  As Mad and I finished up Narnia this time the refrain holds more hope to me, “Farther up, and farther in!”  May the journey lead us ever homeward no matter the terrain.



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