I used to sign all my letters “Love Always,” That was before I knew what I was talking about.  Now I call it this:  Love Anyway.  Mostly because I’ve grown in my understanding of love.  Of what love tolerates, who love serves, how love is shown when I don’t feel much like it.  This week was full of moments of loving anyway.  To love the neighbors, and their kids I help with school transportation and a couple of hours before and after school.  And it is usually almost too much.  This week it was overwhelming.  But they had an international family crisis.  The death of a mother in Kenya, far from our suburban hustle here in Maryland.  Completely disruptive to them and as it turned out, to me.

This week we’ve taken turns being sick, mostly the head cold type and the cabin fever that this time of year and the last couple of winters have made practically it’s own illness by this time in the calendar.  No where to go outside and sick to death of all you’ve already tried to do inside.  I even pulled out the handy dandy snap circuit set in desperation.  And we bought a BopIt!  But everyone has been grumpy at various times and one stayed home and cut in on my “me” time.

It is these days that my life choices actually make the most sense to me.  Day care is a fine option on days when things are running smoothly and everyone’s upbeat.  Mom’s are the people who love you when there is a wrench in every plan, when your so congested you can’t breath without coughing and don’t get a wink of sleep, or your 13 and the world is against you and you’re mad as heck but aren’t sure who to hit so the closest little brother will have to do.  Mom will love you even if you didn’t quite make it to the bathroom and won’t get a sticker today and it is only 4 AM.  This is my gift to my children, and my hubby who is a bit childlike if ill.  To love anyway.  Secure in the fact that I am loved by a God who literally went to hell and back for me.  So happy Valentine’s Day.  And may you both give and receive love no matter how much “anyway” has to be overcome to do it.



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