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Just finished a book from a friend.  She actually gave it to my hubby who is busy these days with his new ipad (aka “toybox”).  So I picked it up and almost put it down after the first chapter which put me off a bit.  But, I kept reading and am glad.  It’s a very blog-like read.  It’s in his head, lots of good thinking, not so new as newly discovered.  Interesting and at the same time the connections to real life were strong enough to keep me reading to the end.  Good things to think on for believers at any point along the path.

Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

by Donald Miller.

This is where I would usually put a quote that caught my attention, but that isn’t the way this book reads.  Not that there aren’t good quotes, but they build on solid thinking and to quote a sentence or two out of the paragraphs created is like removing legos from supporting structure.  Perhaps the shape, size, and color of a particular lego is of interest, but it’s the finished whole that is truly worth seeing.

The author’s distinction between “spirituality” and “religion” meaning personal faith-based conviction and outward church-approved behavior respectively, seemed contrived and got old for me.  However, the underlying issues behind the language choice ought to be openly discussed and as a quick read this is a place to start.  What do we as a church community mean in our worship traditions?  What are our priorities within the local body?  What responsibility do we have to the community around the physical building of the church and in our own homes and local communities?

It would be a good small group discussion book.  I found it a good tool for personal reflection and conviction as to issues of humility, community, relationships and worship.  If you read it feel free to come back and comment here.  I’d love to know what you think!



2 thoughts on “Good Reading

    1. Hi Mom,

      At least you have a copy. Good thing you didn’t move to MD this winter! Very hectic with the constant schedule changes and not near as much time to read as I’d like. Maybe spring?! Love Always!

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