Just received an e-mail about this video I posted of the boys playing a duet on piano and keyboard of their current favorite, Ballad of Billy the Kid by Billy Joel. It made me cry. The e-mail that is. This part, “The song, the task process of following each other, timing, so precise,” because she understood that a song is more than a song. For us, this song represents the last six years of learning about communication, the muscles in your mouth that allow you to talk, finding interests that make him want to take part in the world around him, and ultimately how to best educate a child who is wrapped up in “issues” but underneath is a bright, funny, loving and lovable now eight year old.

And in the midst of crisis parenting the one with intense, immediate need growing two others who we hope to not embitter along the way. A duet represents a milestone, the visible marker, that God has provided similar interests and abilities so that they can play along with one another, listening, participating and communicating with one another in a way that we thought might never happen.

So THANK YOU today to all who have journeyed with us these past six years. For each prayer, note, word of encouragement. And PRAISE to the God of all good gifts who loves each child for who He has created them to be in this world and in the world to come when we all will be perfected into His presence!



4 thoughts on “Today We Are Eight

  1. Amy,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughtful blog! Keep up the good work- as you can- in the corners of your life!

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