by accident
Sometimes you get a glimpse of yourself when you’re unaware of it. Mine came in this picture I took while walking along the street of my favorite city taking random pictures of the skyline architectural details. We were out on a “day date” while the kids were in school and I was trying out the new camera. I kept thinking about coming back to town and taking lots of postcard quality photos of this great city when I realized I’d snapped one without knowing it. I was too busy to look at it while we were running back to the car before the meter ran out and in time to be present at the end of the day school pick up.

It took me a couple of times through to notice that it is my reflection in the shop window. I like this picture. It represents me well. A bit of a blur. On the go. Looking for one thing, finding another. As the autumn approaches it is once more fun to be outside. It’s not too hot, not too cold, no rain, no snow only clear, cloudless blue skies and still leafy tree branches blowing in the breeze. I’m thankful for this photographic reminder to catch the glimpses of myself, and my world that I might otherwise miss. To slow down and enjoy a beautiful day.



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