This week’s theme seems to be people. Of course, it’s Friday so it has taken me awhile to “get” the theme, but here it is. I had plans for the week. To move us along in our house clearing so that painting could commence. I didn’t, it hasn’t, they aren’t actually related. But I did get to live on kid time this week. Dad went away and I sat by the pool mostly and read, and played referee, and watched this, and got a pretty great tan! So I finished a book by Julie Clawson, Everyday Justice and began The Trellis and The Vine by authors Colin Marshall and Tony Payne. Both books present Christian readers with a call to take part in the world in which we live now in light of eternity by paying more attention to the people than the stuff around them.

Mrs. Clawson gives practical insight into such global issues as debt relief, clothes shopping and coffee with a practical eye to how our personal consumer habits impact the lives of those far less fortunate around the world. Even if you don’t totally agree with either her politics or her theological background, I challenge anyone to find a better set of topics to be considered each with it’s own first steps of things that can be done by anyone willing to do a bit of checking before purchasing our daily bread. A truly inspiring, though convicting look at our consumer culture. I bought my copy at Hearts and Minds bookstore, online or in Dallastown, PA.

My parents read and sent along The Trellis and The Vine, along with a youtube promo by Mark Dever. I can’t say the ideas are really new so much as relevant to the current “What is Church?” discussions now floating through American evangelical circles. In some ways it is simply the relational ministry model of many parachurch organizations, like Young Life, brought back to church. I’m enjoying it because I think it would be a useful guide to discussions with believers about their personal responsibilites as members of the local body of Christ and to join the on-going (and by now somewhat annoying) discussion of the revelance of church membership, or at least church participation, in the lives of believers. Church done well will benefit a culture whether they acknowlege it or not.

May you bless those around you with the knowlege that God loves them! Blessings!


4 thoughts on “People Matter

  1. Very well done. I think your assessment and application of both books is well done, and enjoyable.
    Appreciated your plug for Byron, too. Please say hello from me when next you order from him.

    1. Hi Dad,

      Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed visiting Byron when I was able to get to Dallastown last year. I’m hoping for another run in early fall. AFTER school starts. I’ll be sure to say hi. Love Always!

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