A couple of busy weeks ago we saw Toy Story 3. I had little expectations for enjoying a “third” in the series and went to more out of obligation, we’ve seen the others, and some of the cartoons. Plus, it “worked” for the whole crowd of grandparents and all three kids. Yet, it was great! Here’s what I learned:

  • The Velveteen Rabbit was true, the love of a child can make a toy real.
  • Endings are only new beginnings.
  • Friends tell you the truth even if you’d rather not hear it.
  • The faithful love of one person is better than the admiration of a nameless crowd.
  • Home is better than daycare.
  • A great movie makes you laugh, even if you’re crying.
  • Good guys win in the end, always.
  • Obviously, I recommend it. Blessings.


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