One of the worst outcomes of the celebrity culture is the need to have people save us from the dull drums of our everyday lives, have you noticed? If you’re bored you can sign up to swap wives, really, this is legal?! Of course you could just subject your whole family, as long as it is unsustainably large by usual standards, to the arrival of cameras 24-7. Maybe a ghost will show up just at the right moment and tell the local medium how to solve your unresolved problem, or better yet, a spaceship from a video game you just won becomes “real” and wisks you away from your previous slacker lifestyle to be the Tech guru in outer-outer space. Hmmm, see the pattern?

We went to see Iron Man 2 (which was a minor logistical miracle as 4 out of 5 of us were attending and the youngest was excused the pleasure of the movie theatre in favor of an afternoon with the kind neighbors who took him in) and in the 20 minutes of previews there were a couple of summer comedys of stupid parents (dads, in this one) embarassing their kids in public and a ton of heros who save the world from near extinction. A child who has the power to control earth, wind, fire and water. A vehicle to get Silvester Stallone out of retirement though probably not to go boxing. The A-Team remixed. A Steven Speilberg adventure that doesn’t even show you the main character in the preview. And Shrek saving Happily Ever After. Funny? Sure. But seriously, are we really so lost.

In a culture the church elite has dubbed “post-Christian” why does it seem the message remains unheard. There isn’t a hero. There is a Savior. And because of Him we needn’t panic and we have true hope. Not in this world becoming perfected but of ourselves being perfected into Paradise. Food for thought.



2 thoughts on “Heros Wanted

  1. Great summary and comment! As always, seems to me you have gotten to the core of the concern that our aulture has no grasp of the role of Jesus and culture — macro and michro. (And as the followers of the Redeemer, we are not doing a whole lot beter.)

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