What a beautiful view from the living room into the garden these days. The hydrangea are beginning to fill their flowers with pink and blue, the last of the dark pink peonies, some were white, has bloomed. Everything is green. Despite the heat of the last few days all is blooming and growing well. Ivy, ferns, laurel, star magnolia. I do love this garden. We have planted each plant and spent enough time here to have them come into their own, some of them, like the hosta are even a bit too big already.

This is a lesson for me in these busy last days of school. Things take time to grow and cannot always be judged on their current state, but like most of us, should be seen with grace for our potential. The practice of looking at the bright side seems lost these days in the gloom and doom of a rollercoaster economy and an ever-spurting oil well. Yet, here we are. God is not surprised by the current economic crisis or the disaster in the Gulf or whatever circumstances may face us individually. He hears us when we pray and knows our deepest longings. And He reminds me, through my garden that investment in the long term pays off beautifully when trusted to His care. I have no doubt that the most beautiful gardens await us even in the city on the hill. And all our training here will not be wasted there.

Blessings for your eternal investments and your earthly work both!


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