My seven year old sweetly looked up at me Friday morning at breakfast and said, “You’ll buy me headphones, right?” My half-listening response, “I will get to the headphones. Share your brother’s for this morning.”  Then he said, “Pinky swear.”  “What?” My stunned response.  “Pinky swear you’ll buy the headphones today.”  So I hastened to explain that Mom’s don’t pinky swear and because I’m the Mom, his mom, I would be held to no such bargin.  I did buy the headphones, just not that day!

But, it got me thinkin’.  How often is my prayer life, or my Christian life in  general caught up in this thinking.  If I do this, Lord…church work, tithe, Bible study, prayer, some checklist of obedience at least of the obvious (read public) sins…then you’ll give me what I want.  Usually this last part is how I identify the fault in the thinking.  I don’t try to leverage God for eternal life.  I assume that one!  I leverage God for the good stuff, see the problem.  The good stuff even in the big categories, my kids health, my husband’s enjoyment of his work, my parents’  health, a glitch-free home repair.  All these are fine in their place but they betray my lack of faith that all I need is what God’s plans hold for me and NOT what my mind, heart, or dreams desire.

I do much more than buy headphones for my young one.  God, likewise, has done much more for me than anything I can request in this life.  And while it is not bad to ask, it isn’t faith to leverage.  Food for thought.



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