I realize I’m supposed to be writing about Mother’s Day.  But, well, I’m not really up for it.  My kitchen is getting new wood floors and that’s great!  Happy Mother’s Day to me.  And Max painted a flower pot for the petunia now wilting a bit in the kitchen window.  I sent both my mother and mother-in-law gifts on time and so I’m good to go.  I got adorable measuring cups shaped like tea cups from Pier One, by the way.  Hatching and Interruptions are still my favorite Mom about Mom posts, if you’re interested. But I really want to write about this movie I saw.  Sorry moms.

I was searching Red Box at my local grocery for a movie and I saw  Five Minutes Of Heaven I confused it with the life/death/afterlife movies but only for about a second.  It’s really about redemption, forgiveness, and the complications that come from the alliances we form without even thinking about them.  And about consequences, the kind of consequences that prove that there is a God and His laws govern our actions whether we believe they do or not.  Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt are riveting.  They are totally committed to the story.  Of course, it is in part their story.  Not that the circumstances are theirs, but the characters are Irish and caught in cycles beyond what they feel they can control.  And each of these men owns the role they play as deeply as if they had lived these circumstances.  You can feel that they love this story from start to finish.  Eventually the characters discover that they do have some control over their own lives if only to control their responses to each other.  And that is the most universal part.  That we all have some control, small though it may be, to govern ourselves.  To see another person’s life from their point of view instead of our own is truly transforming.  A very powerful story based on real people.

And this weeks web surfing uncovered that the C.S. Lewis Institute has posted their lectures in a section called the Resource Center and they can be played or downloaded for free.  Great speakers on helpful topics.  Don’t miss it.  Blesssings!


5 thoughts on “See This One, Listen To That One

  1. I just checked out the C S Lewis Institute link and it looks like it has some really great resources. Thanks for putting it up! Blessings,


  2. Nice of you to “cover the necesities” and give us good stuff to think about in the same post.
    Good work.

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