Today I was blessed by a neighbor returning from far and exotic lands who brought back much bling for myself and my daughter.  I sometimes drive her children to and/or from school when the weather is bad because they are “walkers” and she doesn’t drive.  We sometimes go out for breakfast.  This has sparked a friendship of a neighborly kind and so she thought it worth rewarding.  I’m currently still wearing said bling, I took the shawl off as I’m in the house and didn’t want it to drag through the lasagna.  I took off the bracelet to do the dishes.

I would not have picked out this exact set for myself, but am happy for the gift.  Which made me think…years ago I received an album, remember those, round, black, grooved, etc. well, the one I received wasn’t the one I wanted and I cried.  I hurt my dad’s feelings.  And in the end I learned every word of every song and sang them loudly to myself as I dried my hair with a hairdryer, a habit I didn’t break until I had kids!  Another time, I was at an amusement park of sorts based on the Wizard of Oz, in North Carolina with my grandparents and my grandfather bought me a souvenir wallet and I cried until it was exchanged for a doll.  I must have been between 8 and 10 years old and just on the line of too old for dolls.  He did not take it well.  And eventually I learned the lesson.  And how grateful I am today!

Saying, “Thank you” for a kindness that tells me that someone is thinking of me is not a given these days, have you noticed?  “Thank you” is more applied to, “Good, you read my Amazon wish list or my registry”.  The challenge of being grateful for a gift, even if it isn’t what you thought you wanted is really cultivating the attitude that makes us actually aware that we do not have to be thought of by other people.  It acknowledges that  in this busy world, in these hard times, in a day and age when people appear to think less and less of each other we are glad that someone took the time to notice us.  To connect with us.  

This lesson also reminds me that the blessings I receive from our great and gracious God have little or nothing to do with what I say I want and everything to do with what I really need.  And that is something to be thankful for!



5 thoughts on “Receiving

  1. Very well done and i agree with your assessment.
    Made me wonder about the thigs we each remember from our shared years. (I do’t remember the album.)
    Love, Dad

    1. Hi Dad, EVIE was the album, I think. We were still in Maryland. I remember all my friends getting Shawn Cassidy, so glad I didn’t get that one now! As for what we remember…I guess that’s why I like to write things down. Thanks for reading!

  2. Wonderful insight. I’ve been in that position myself. I wonder if I’ll ever learn the art of contentment.
    I remember how much it hurt my dad’s feelings when he gave my mom a mink stole and she didn’t like the style. Eventually it was changed. ou
    I do think I need to practice thank you more to God and it would come naturally to others.

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