Family movie night yesterday.  Watched The Blind Side.  Big Mike becomes Michael and finds out the most important lesson of his life.  Sometimes the choices we make require a turn in the path  that doesn’t allow for back tracking.  Sometimes you can’t and shouldn’t go home.

Michael goes back to his old neighborhood in a moment of crisis.  He finds his old neighbors aren’t such a good resource for encouragement.  Exaggerated for movie audiences, no doubt, but a good lesson nevertheless.  Being aware of where we come from isn’t bad.  Being sure that it doesn’t get in the way of where we’re  going is necessary.  God has a plan for us.  His plans and paths aren’t always ours.

Food for thought.  Blessings.


One thought on “Life Choices: The Blind Side

  1. I highly recommend the book! It has a lot more details. For instance, Mr. Touhy was very involved with Michael, unlike in the movie where he is portrayed more as the “yes, ma’am” kind of husband. Matt is reading it now and commented last night, “When I finish this book, I’m going to miss this story.”

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