A follow up from last night’s post, I’ve been thinking about the “coming out” of various people this week. Dr. Bruce Waltke formerly of Reformed Theological Seminary, either “reformed,” or revised, or decided to go public with a view of evolution that meant he could no longer be employeed at the Seminary where he taught Old Testament. More dramatically, Jennifer Knapp decided to declare her status as living an alternate life style.

So why the title Playing God?  Because  I think we have a propensity to play God with our thinking through these explosive issues.  We don’t rely on truth as defined by the words of Scripture.  We don’t say, “sin” too loudly.  Ms. Knapp didn’t “confess” her desire for physical intimacy with other women as sin. She told the press that she had decided to live the way she wanted and to decide later if God has something to say about it.  hmmm…  We’d all prefer to define our own terms for sin.  And we owe sympathy to those caught outside of God’s plan, as until they return to His way they cannot find peace.  But why the difficulty in calling people to account for what they say and do?

Should we buy albums, attend concerts, endorse seminaries that advocate sin?  RTS was right to fire Dr. Waltke.  We need not deny the sin in each of our lives for which Jesus died, but the blatant disobediance of His children has penalties.  For those of us who allow for a less literal interpretation of the word “day” in Genesis 1-3 it can’t be denied that it says “day”.  And at the end of any of our days we had better find ourselves on the side that says God can do what He says whether we understand it scientifically or not.  As for homosexuality as sin, the Bible is not unclear.  There are lots of other sins defined in the Bible as well, murder, lying, stealing, lust, just to name a few.  Don’t kid yourself.  To define any of these sins as “grey” areas that were misunderstood until a more enlightened time is not Christian.  And in fact, is not loving toward sinners, be they ourselves or others.

Jesus didn’t come to make us feel better about ourselves.  We were dead in our sins.  He came to bring us life.  Life not defined but us, but by God, our Creator.  Who knows what is good.  And good for us.  Don’t cheat yourself, or your friends out of hearing the truth.  Be clear, only repentance, not tolerance, brings forgiveness.  God gives us time to see how much He loves us.  He can and will restore sinners to a better path but only when we see ourselves as He does. 

These are big issues.  It’s a short blog.  Food for thought.  Blessings.


2 thoughts on “Playing God

  1. Amy,
    Excellent food for thought. How did you know I was hungry? We HAVE to go to God’s Word for defining right and wrong, righteous living and sinful living. There is no other source for TRUTH! I like your point that God gives us time to see how much He loves us. I hadn’t thought about that before. As for the “grey” areas – Ha! Let’s call sin what it is: sin. But let’s follow it up right away with repentance, not tolerance, which brings forgiveness. Another excellent point! I am saddened when I see people compromise God’s standards in order to work things out in their own way. If it’s not God’s way, it isn’t going to work for very long. I’ve thought about various jobs, but one job I never want to attempt is playing God! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I worried a bit about this post but thought it an important issue to be “on the record” about. Thanks for reading. –Amy

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